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Fort Berens Estate Winery

About our Suppliers

Spray Creek Ranch

A certified organic and diversified regenerative farm using ecological principles to produce wholesome, delicious, pastured meats.  They raise certified organic beef cattle, pigs, meat chickens, turkeys and laying hens on pasture as part of an integrated and regenerative agro-ecological system.  They also operate a growing on-farm abattoir and meat shop, and are moving toward slaughtering all livestock on the farm and providing slaughter and cut & wrap services to other farms in our region.

Farm House Cheese

A small family dairy farm located in the lush Fraser Valley, where cows and goats graze grass fields in season, and once the winter arrives, eat organic hay from their own farmlands to provide them with top quality milk – the key ingredient to good cheese.  Farm House does not use pesticides, hormones or antibiotics in their farming practices.


RiverFresh’s goal is to provide the highest quality products in the most environmentally responsible ways. They are committed to continually improving environmental sustainability in all their fisheries so that the recourses can be sustained for future generations. Under the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative, RiverFresh has been exploring the viability of re-establishing commercial fisheries in upstream locations such as the Thompson River and Kamloops Lake.

One Love Farm

In naming their farm “One Love”, they aim to acknowledge the universal and positive life force of love that can be found in one’s respectful connection with nature. One Love Farm believes that all living things: plants, animals and humans, are connected and this is reflected in their farm practices.

Wolfe’s Green Dirt Farm

A family farm found 10 km from Lillooet on the Texas Creek Road. Family-run with love and care focussed on bringing quality to your table. Wolfe’s Green certified veganic produce is grown in rich and microbiologically diverse soil insuring a flavourful and nutritionally packed product that sustains yours and your children’s bodies.

Three Ravens Farmstead

A small family farm located in the beautiful and lush Texas Creek area. Using regenerative practices that enhance the health of the land, they offer a variety of pasture-raised, organically-fed meats, in-season fruits and vegetables, farm-raised soaps, yarn and more.

AMLEC – Food Security

T’it’q’et is addressing issues of food security for the community. A strategic plan and garden was developed under The Chief & Council’s approval. The food security project started in 2014 and addresses concerns that came from the fire of 2009 when the Lillooet valley was threatened. Lillooet residents were evacuated for five days and in that time the stores lacked enough food for the community. The 2009 fire put food security into in the minds of the community members and action has been taken. AMLEC’s certified organic garden, root cellars, cold storage and dehydrating facility will insure that locals will not go hungry again. –

The Locals

Stʹátʹimc First Nations communities have called this territory home for thousands of years. Its vibrant waters and rich lands made it a centre for trade then and now. There are too many individuals to mention but Fort Berens would like to recognize the contribution of the many families that make our cuisine possible. Our little community is full of passionate growers of berries, vegetables and tree fruits of a diverse range. With open arms they arrive with sun ripened goods that we use on our menu and in our extensive preserve program. Very often your meal will be full of fruits and vegetables that were picked hours before and have never seen refrigeration. Seed savers and the Lillooet Seed Library insure that an important part of the area’s history is preserved and can be shared today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

To be grown in Lillooet is to be grown with care, to grow a healthy and sustainable economy and to raise healthy families.


The Lillooet Agriculture and Food Society supports its local farmers, ranchers, growers and other passionate individuals who are building a sustainable food system to serve local communities, the province of British Columbia and beyond.