Wine Profiles

Current releases listed below. For pdf's of older vintages, please email rolf@fortberens.ca

Wine PDF
Pinot Gris 2023 Download
Riesling 2022 Download
Riesling 2023 Download
Small Lot Dry Riesling 2022 Download
Small Lot Grüner Veltliner 2022 Download
Chardonnay 2022 Download
Rosé 2023 Download
Pinot Noir 2021 Download
Small Lot Merlot 2021 Download
Cabernet Franc 2020 Download
Cabernet Franc 2021 Download
Meritage 2020 Download
Meritage 2021 Download
Chardonnay Reserve White Gold 2021 Download
Chardonnay Reserve White Gold 2022 Download
Riesling Reserve 2020 Download
Riesling Reserve 2021 Download
Pinot Noir Reserve 2021 Download
Cabernet Franc Reserve 2020 Download
Cabernet Franc Reserve 2021 Download
Merlot Reserve 2021 Download
Meritage Reserve 2019 Download
Meritage Reserve 2020 Download
Red Gold 2020 Download
Blanc de Blanc 2021 Download


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